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Welcome to C-Y Faithful Stewardship with Your Money. We're a money management service that provides personal, trusting and secure money management. Our goal is to provide adults in Amarillo and Lubbock, TX organizing help to take control of their finances. Our focus is to offer financial guidance and tools that's dedicated to meeting your financial goals, preparing for the future, and maintaining your independence.

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You get many methods for managing your money

Financial planning and money management can be complicated. Thankfully, we make it easy. Reach out today for:

Daily money management: Do you need help to bring clarity and order to your daily finances? Let us help provide the tools required to organize your daily finances.
Financial coaching: Do you need guidance on creating a plan to reduce debt? Let us be your financial coach today.
Tax preparation: Are you prepared for tax season? We will help you organize tax documents and complete your tax organizer for your CPA.
Emergency financial backup plan: Are you prepared with a plan for someone to quickly step in to pay your bills? We can help you create a plan that will bring you peace of mind in knowing someone can step in to manage your finances if needed.

Reach out today to choose the personal money management service you require.

Why you should choose C-Y Faithful Stewardship with Your Money

Paul, the owner, has over 35 years of experience in the banking industry. That means you can trust him for sound guidance and advice as a personal daily money manager. He's also:

  • Member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers since 2018
  • Dedicated to providing honest financial services
  • Committed to your needs and best interests
  • Available to work in-person or remotely
  • Able to refer clients to CPAs, financial advisors and/or attorneys

Your money matters. Take command of your financial situation now by contacting C-Y Faithful Stewardship with Your Money.