Don't Let Tax Season Catch You Off Guard

Get ready with tax preparation help in Lubbock, TX and Amarillo, TX

Taxes can be pretty confusing, with rules and regulations seemingly changing each and every week. If you're confused about what you do or don't need, visit C-Y Faithful Stewardship with Your Money. We provide those in Lubbock, TX and Amarillo, TX with professional daily money management and tax preparation help.

We'll work with you to make sure all your tax critical reporting documents are organized for your CPA. Our services as a Daily Money Manager can also assist in filling out your tax organizer document that is required by your CPA.

Call us at 806-368-9411 when you need tax preparation help.

Why you can trust us

When you come to us for tax preparation help, you'll be getting sound guidance and advice. That's because we:

  • With client's approval, will work with your CPA to coordinate tax preparation and planning
  • Are dedicated to providing honest, trustworthy services
  • Truly care about your needs and your best interests
  • Create daily money management plans that helps simplify the annual tax preparation activities

Get the confidence you need to tackle your taxes by visiting us today.

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